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The server job description: Not What you think!

waiter training for serversThe waiter/ server job description, often mistaken by: Take orders, refill waters, collect tips. It is not really what you think,and If you have ever worked in the restaurant business you know that the truth is far from that. In fact there is more to waitering than what most people can take. Sure every one can serve a guest, but few are successful waiters.

Welcome to,  The waiter training site

I am glad to have you here on my site. This site is created by a waiter to the rest of the waitering/ serving community.  Learn more about what to expect from this site on the about page.

All you need to know right now is that I created this site with the intention of providing knowledge and resources to the restaurant community, with the main focus on MAXIMIZING YOUR TIPS.

For many years I have being a High seller, High tip earner, and I want to share my knowledge with you.

What is the server job description anyway? Well, putting it in simple short answer, the server/ waiter/ waitress job is to facilitate and enhance the patrons dinner experience.

Learn how to be a waiter in the waiter training module of the site.

Heart attack in restaurant (Dramatic video)

Happy new year!!!! Thank you for sending this video. laugh more! If you’d like me to post your video or story Please send it to Please a comment, and share this post/ site

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Understanding Vegetarians

Understanding Vegetarians Thе word “vegetarian” tеndѕ tо mаkе ѕоmе people visualize hippies frоm thе 1960s аnd ’70s eating nоthіng mоrе thаn tofu аnd bean sprouts. Thіѕ іѕ а completely false image. Hippies nо longer exist. And vegetarians eat mоrе thаn tofu аnd bean sprouts. Today’s vegetarian lifestyle includes people frоm аll walks оf life: celebrities, […]

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Cuts of Beef

Cuts of beef, waiter’s guide  As a waiter, it is important to understand the cuts of beef that you are serving to guest. Many I have served meat without understanding the real difference among cuts of beef. The following are the top 5 five cuts in any reputable restaurant in the US and that must be tried at least once […]

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Waiter, there is plastic in my food!

There I was, on my way to table 17, with my eyes anchored at the two empty plates. As I grabbed the plates, I asked the forced question. How was everything?  This is when the fun started. Backing up about 15 minutes. I delivered the meals to the table of two.  What seem to be a nice couple in their 40s. […]

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This will Make you mad/ laugh

 Two minutes on the web, and I found this picture. I have to admit, it made me mad! Writing an excuse to not tip is BS. I understand that economy is not at its greatest and leaving a tip can be a challenge to some people, but come on. If things are that bad, to not leave […]

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Hi everyone, This is the first week of, and I hope this is the first week of many to come. I want to give you a brief intro to what you will see in this blog. I will be posting my rants about difficult people, jokes about the restaurant business, random funny things that […]

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